Behind the Scenes With Our UV Print Technology

Behind the Scenes With Our UV Print Technology

Here at Club Backdrops, we're constantly honing our product by investing in the best and latest print technology available to us.

These past two years we've upgraded our print process significantly. A big part of this was making the leap to Ultra Violet (UV) printers (which are a bit like spaceships 🚀).

Many of you who have been using our backdrops for over a year or so will be able to vouch for the significant upgrade to the quality of our print. It's much more durable, matte and most importantly, colour-perfect every time! This has allowed us to confidently bring you new products such as block colours and customisable graphic prints.

Our pals over at CMYUK recently popped in to make a video about our new print tech. So if you're a bit of a geek like we all are here, you should get a kick out of it. 

(oh, and we usually hold our cards close to our chest with this type of stuff, but watch out for a li'l sum sum about a wicked new development which will be available to you all soon 👍)

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